About Me

I love my life.

My hubby and my three kids.

I have been richly blessed with many talents. I love to share them. The greatest compliment I ever recieved was from a dear sweet dear friend of mine. On her fourth child's baby shower, it was held at her home because her sister-in-law and I decorated the nursery... all of it: bedding, bookshelf, hangings, I am a child of God hanging, drapes, memory boxes, candles, stand alone shelf, laundry basket, and so much more). She was in awe to say the least. The compliment came later that month when she said "Every time I walk into her room, I can feel the spirit!". Vicki ~ you have forever changed the way that I magnify my talent. It is a beloved and cherished memory. Maddy, her daughter, is almost five and is my youngest daughter's best friend.

My eldest daughter has been so inspired by the talents of me, her aunt and her nana. She is 9 and has her very own sewing machine!
Thank you for stopping by!