Thursday, January 27, 2011

YUMMIES! - - Buttermilk Syrup

My sweetest bestest friend in the whole wide world (because I am "like 12!")... Keri! Among a coutless number of other reasons... introduced me and the rest of our friends to this recipe. I think the title should be changed to "Caramel Buttermilk Syrup That We Put On EVERYTHING". The typical french toast, pancakes and waffles will due, but we have brought it to a whole other level... ice cream, banana nut bread, pumpkin pie, cinnamon rolls, zuchini bread and even popcorn. A single batch will never due... we ALWAYS double it.
Ohhh and btw, the best thing to make french toast with is Franz Texas Toast. I just wish for you that this blog this was a smellablog or even tasteablog (kind of like smell-avision - I am trying to be funny here - is it working? --insert cricket noises here!--)...

The following is a single batch...
1 1/2c sugar
3/4c buttermilk (I use the milk and lemon juice substitute)
1/2c butter
2tbsp corn syrup
1 tsp baking soda

Put the preceeding ingredients in a LARGE pot. It may not look like much, but it will when it begins to boil.

Bring to a boil on medium medium-high heat (like a 6 on my stove -if you could see it HA!)

Cook for 7 minutes, then remove from heat.

Add 2tsp vanilla.

Happy Eating! And of course there is NO CALORIES in this recipe!!!! Right????


  1. Most definitely one of my favorite recipes. And just looking at that picture makes me not only smell how wonderful your French Toast is but makes me crave it as well. Just a note on the syrup... you may need to tweek with the temperature that you boil it at. You only want it to slightly boil. Some have had a problem with it crystalizing (still very yummy). But this is definitely a must have recipe!! :) You are awesome Jenn! Keep up the cute blog!!

  2. This is pretty much the recipe I use and LOVE. But I use a little different amounts, and it's much easier to remember. 1 cube butter, 1 cup buttermilk, 1 cup sugar, 2 Tbl corn syrup, 1 tsp bkng soda, and 1 tsp flavoring (vanilla, almond extract, whatever). Try's excellent. I think the crystalizing is happening cause you have so much sugar in it! I use this recipe and boil it for 7 mins and it doesn't matter what temp.