Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TUTORIAL - Establish a House of God

These were a huge hit on Sunday... and I have already made two more... so I thought I would share the process with you. (well... if you wanted it... if not skip to the next post).

Materials - one finial (there are all kinds - pick the one you like. They are about $3 for a pkg of two), 2"x10"x12" peice of wood, white paint, sand paper, 3/4" white button, black felt cut to 8"x10", paper jewelry cording, printer (and a computer), a glue gun, freezer paper (located at your grocery store), and burlap.

The WOOD - Cutting wood can be scary for you and your friends (love you Vicki!)... So go to a home improvement store. I went to Lowes where I made eyes at one of the guys working there who was kind enough to pick a 2"x10"x6'. He found one that didn't have many splits and was not warped. (Look down the edge of the wood on it's side and if it bows out or down the middle - pick another one). At Lowes, they will cut your wood for you. (You don't even have to bat your eyes!)

Sand your peice of wood. Pre-drill your hole for the finial (works so much better - less mucsles required!)
Paint it. Don't forget the bottom! (People will pick this up and look at it!) Cut out a 8"x10" peice of black felt. Hot glue gun it to the middle of the front of your wood.Cut freezer paper the exact size of a 8.5"x11" peice of paper. (I used card stock as a template.) Using the non-steam setting on your iron, heat up the burlap. Make sure it is as straight as can be. Then place the shiny side of the freezer paper against the burlap. Iron again. Cut the burlap to the size of the freezer paper. Make sure all stragglies (that is a technical term, by the way!) are cut off.
Place the burlap in your printer. Copy the following picture into your word doc... Make the image 7"x5". Print... try not to hold your breath!!!
Peel from freezer paper, cut 1" off of all sides. I freyed two strands... you may like more. Hot glue to your black peice of felt. Wrap jewelry cording around top three times. Use the strands to tie the button... AHHH FINISHED!


  1. Oh, you make it sound sooooo easy!! Ha ha!! I would definitely be holding my breath for the printer part. :)

  2. They looked great! You always find some way to show yourself up!

  3. I was wondering who made these and was going to ask Melinda if she would do a tutorial, but I found you! I might just have to get brave and make one! Thanks!