Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Fellow Crafters... (A MUST READ!!!)

Just a few tips that I have learned while shopping at JoAnns....

1. The last yard of all fabric is considered a remnant piece - which means 1/2 off the sale price! (Except fleece which is the last 1.5 yards) You can ask them not to cut it but to leave it as one piece. It will show up as two cuts when you check out. I OFTEN go back to the home decor department and measure my fabric before going to the cutting counter! Each roll of the fabric on the bolt is ~.5 yards. For example, if there is 2 yards of fabric on the bolt - I will ask the cut counter for 1 yard and the rest as a remnant = 1 yard sale price + 1 yard 1/2 of sale price!!!!!
2. You can use Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Craft Warehouse, Hancock Fabrics coupons at JoAnns. As long as the competitor carries a compriable item. For example, you can't use Michaels coupons on fabric - because Michaels does not carry fabric. Sunday papers are a MUST.

3. Most IMPORTANT FOR THIS WEEKEND. The smaller cricut is on sale for $79 vs. $199. You can put a 24 hour hold on items. For example, I will be putting a hold on the personal cricut today and pick up tomorrow when it goes on sale. SNEAKY... I KNOW! But if it works!!!!

Hope this help with your creativity budget!



  1. Gee...I didnt know about the fabric at joanns and I was just there today!! LOL I work at Michaels and we accept competetion coupons but i didnt think Joanns honors other coupons. I know Hobby Lobby doesnt cuz I have tried. At Michaels you can sign up for e-mail to get your coupons and then you dont have to look for papers. Also more coupons are given out on line than in the paper.


  2. You are one crazy lady who know all the tricks! Just gald you share them!

  3. Man those are some good ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great ideas! Thank you! I hope they'll honor the roll remnant deal here in Kentucky!