Friday, February 11, 2011

Moments in our Arms & Forever in our Hearts

Every once in a while you hear of stories of tremendous courage. Incredible tenacity. And are in complete awe of someone testimony of Jesus Christ. My dear friend's sister, was pregnant with twins and lost one... being delivered at 33 weeks. Talmage and Fielding are their names. As I read through her blog - "Love.Joy.Lane" - and a big box of tissues, I am incredible impressed with her outlook and insights.

The other day someone asked her the dreaded question. How many kids do you have? How do you answer that? She asks.She doesn't hide the hurt, she embraces and realizes its place in her life right now. A true latter-day saint! Our prayers are continually with your family, Cyndi! You are an incredible lady, thank you!!!!!

Not only does reading her blog put my problems in perspective, but it is encouraging! Simple, wonderful faith of her and she sweet family. Upon bringing Fielding home, her daughter summed it up best when she said "But I just want that other baby in heaven to come home too!"

My dear friend is going to visit her sister this week. So we sent something along...

Thank you Cyndi and Kara!


  1. OH....that is special. She will love it and cherish it.


  2. I am so glad i came across your blog not long ago! I just gave you an AWARD over on my blog:) go check it out!