Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TUTORIAL - Tutu for Piggy Banks

I love these piggies!!!! There are one of my favorite gifts... birthday or baby showers and beloved by all. They are just so gosh darn CUTE!

Ready to learn???? They are very simple. And for my followers - I am going to supply you with the vinyl you need to personalize your piggies (up to four names!). Is your piggy ready to get "All Dahled UP"???

1. Get a piggy. I found mine (~4.5" tall) at JoAnns - they sell them three to a carton for $9.99. If you think like my hubby "bigger is better", JoAnn's also sells ~9" too. PLEASE ALWAYS GO WITH A COUPON - please don't kill me with shopping full price! Sunday papers... sign up... even use Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Craft Warehouse. They take them all for the piggies.
2. Cut six ~6" strips the width of tulle. Any colors you'd like...tulle is pretty cheap (especially with a coupon :) If you can't find a ruler (because your kids are much like mine and when you go to find something they might use... it is no where to be found! Use a normal sheet of paper and fold it in half... ahhhhh make-shift ruler. 3. If you use more than one color of tulle... stagger them, and cut the width even.4. Using a matching color of thread (NOT LIKE SHOWN HERE). Sew a running stitch... No need to pull out the sewing machine for this little task! Make sure then end you start with had been tied off... no fun to pull that through :(
5. Once you reach the end pull string - GATHERED! Ta-da! Play with the gather to match the width of your piggy around it's bum. Hot glue it on. Try to breathe!
6. Hot glue a ribbon on top of your gather to cover up your stitching. Make a bow, get a button, or do a cute flower thing and glue it wherever you'd like. I normally pick a spot where I goffed (SHHHH!) I used a thin black sharpe to give eyelashes.
7. And because you are a follower (if you are not by this point... shhh I won't tell - go be a follower quick!) you should have already requested/received the names and dots for earings. Peel and apply! Again... keep breathing!
Your piggy is officially All Dahled UP!


  1. This is so cute and super easy! I am definitely giving these to my nieces for Christmas this year (and one for me)!!

  2. They turned out adorable! Who wouldn't want to put money in that cute bank?

  3. Very cute! The tutu is brill! Can you tell me how you cut your vinyl? Im thinking of getting either a silhouette or a cricut but would be good to know if there is anything else out there just as good. Thanks! X

  4. This was a great post!!! I am your newest follower and hope that you will come be a follower at my blog!!! brooke
    Girl Boy Girl Inspired

  5. I just stumbled across your blog- I love it! So many creative ideas! :) Is it too late to request the vinyl? If so, how can I order some from you?


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  7. How adorable! That tutu looks simply perfect on the round shape of the piggy bank. Kudos to ya, and thanks for this tutorial.

  8. Too cute...... I cant wait to make one.... Thanks for the tutorial.