Sunday, July 10, 2011

If Laughing Makes You Live Longer...

YOU WOULD MAKE ME LIVE FOREVER! Just reading the saying makes me laugh. I think it is so important to laugh. Laugh at yourself, at others, at your hair, at how your 4yr old dresses herself, at your JoAnn's budget (ha! I know!), at your kitchen after you and the kids bake cookies! Just LAUGH!

I saw this saying decorated differently at a friends house recently and thought I would put my spin on it. It is now hanging at a different friends house who makes me laugh and feel better about life... Thanks KERI! LOL!
I used the cricket and cut out several layers of the same flower. Fold up the edges of your flower to make it 3D looking.Using my handy-dandy sewing machine and gray thread, I stitched a square around the outside of my paper. Totally cute, huh?
~ TIP ~ Most frames don't come with holes in them. (Bummer... I KNOW!) When you drill your holes in the frame put masking tape over the front and back side of the frame to prevent splintering. (Thank my hubby for that tip!)

$4 for ribbon, vinyl and flower
black or white vinyl and primary color flowers
(excludes paper and frame)

and include vinyl color: white or off white


  1. This is so cute, I especially love how you made the flower :)

  2. Again, adorable... so I think before I move, you should teach me how to successfully cut vinyl on my cricut... yes? Please? =)

  3. This is really cute. I've seen sewing on paper before (maybe it was you) and I love that look! Thanks for sharing!