Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love of the Kitchen

I think subway are is really kind of cool. (Yes... I just said cool!) I love the way some people have to tilt their head to read... it just makes me laugh!

In any kitchen, there is always so much to make, taste and clean up! It is the best thing in the world when you have friends who LOVE to bake! So many very tasty things have come out of Jenn S and Keri's home! I love grazing through their kitchens!
~ TIP ~ I LOVE ribbon, but (and this is a BIG BUT) it gets expensive. Here's what I found... JoAnn sales a lot of their ribbon for around $3 a spool. Most spools have 3-4yards per spool. And it NEVER goes on sale. On the other hand, Michaels sales a lot of their super cute ribbon for about $3 a spool, BUT (another big BUT), their spools have 10 yards per spool. AND it often goes on sale!!! -- pass it on!

$10 for ribbon, vinyl, buttons and flower
white or off white vinyl
(excludes paper and frame)

$18 Just tell me what color

Email: AllDahledUp@gmail.com


  1. Oh I love this, Jenn! So cute! I might need to get one of these for my kitchen...

  2. Yeah, personally, I LOVE it!! And am so happy to have it in my kitchen. :)