Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh Where Have I Been...

Firstly... let me say THANK YOU for all who have ordered lately... I am loving the support. The Witchful Thinking is a HUGE hit! I have sold 28 hats (finished and kits). I still have a couple more if you would like one!!!!

MY EXCUSE: I joined the PTA. I know... I know... It is a lot of work! I am the Vice Pres and am very grateful not to be the President. We have not had a very productive PTA board with almost no volunteers in the last couple years ... so we have some ground to make up! Last year there were about five people on the PTA... this year SO FAR... we have 54 members! HOLY COW!!!!So to make a "look" like a functioning PTA... I created some signs. I used all cabinet doors - they were about $2 each (love love love Habitat for Humanity!) I think the spray paint cost more!

I really didn't have much a clue what the PTA raises funds for... If I didn't know... maybe more didn't know... it is an excellent selling point! Do you know what your PTA raises funds for??? So... How much could my little Box Tops help? Well... I didn't know what a money maker this was! Let's just say... I turn in EVERY BOX TOP I CAN FIND! My mother-in-law saves her's So...I am finding that communication is KEY! So I made these ... one in the Teacher's Lunch Room, one at the front desk... and one by the teacher's boxes. It has a clothes pin... so we can just change the paper as a new event gets closer.
And thus the adventure begins!

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  1. Well, I miss seeing you but good on ya for lending your awesomeness to the PTA. How lucky for them!