Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anna - my 9 year-old's creation

My nine year old is a very talent little cookie. I just want to eat her up sometimes... okay not really, but I think you got that. This is something that she sewed all by herself. She is excited to enter it into our local county fair in the summer. She is so dang cute... to see a picture of her check out About Me.
Ready for Anna's bag....
Completely lined with a pocket... dang this girl ROCKS! And she is mine!!! So very proud!


  1. Wow! I cant believe she made that and she is only 9. Its excellent. x

  2. She is a DAHL! Seriously she is the sweetest girl ever! YOu can't be in a bad mood around her she has a beautiful, spunky personality! Wonder where she gets that! LOVE YOU BOTH

  3. Thats great and only nine!! She will be whiz for sure. I bet she will win at the fair!