Monday, February 7, 2011

Cleaning the Spice Cupboard

I got so frustrated with my spice cupboard that I tore in to it. Seriously... I have three Cumin (which I think smells like dirty armpits!), and four Cinnamons. SERIOUSLY!
We live in the NW (and LOVE IT!) where we have WINCO (a beloved grocery store). It is the cheapest store with a wonderful bulk sections. Now, there are some groceries that I am VERY particular on brand names. And the others... I have bigger things to worry about. So... I buy bulk.
I was at the grocery store this weekend and picked up the containers that are right under the seasonings for $1.32/container. They are 6" tall. PERFECT! I am a cheap lady (insert comment here!)
And the best part of the whole thing... I could make them go with my kitchen! Now my spice cupboard is All Dahled UP! Hahahaha!!!!
Now you might say... "Jenn... what about the dishwasher?" Well... I made the ribbon a little longer on one side so I can pull it off cleanly and reglue it when it is de-gunked! And the vinyl I have stays on through the dishwasher!


  1. Wow... you think of everything...I'm thinking my spice cupboard could use some TLC too...

  2. Very cute, I'll have to tell my friend who is also a Winco bulk girl. :) Those old spices work great as air fresheners, sprinkle some into a pan of water and simmer. Of course not the cummin, which I agree stinks, ;)