Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Trials and Peace...

A friend and I were talking the other day about trials and their necessity in our lives. We discuss what it means to "endure". We agreed that it does not mean to survive by breathing til it is over. During the conversation she came up with this quote...
I love it!!! She also said "the tender mercies of the Lord takes out the randomness of trials." Serious insight huh? I agree with her and thus made one for me and one for her. If you want one... check out my Etsy.


  1. cute sign and yes, trials are for a reason and God can teach us many lesson through our trials even though they may be Hard!!


  2. As much as we do not like trials.. I know I grow and become a stronger person because of the trials I have had and I have become a more compationate person because of the ones I have seen my friends go through.

  3. Sad but true! We can't hide from them or run away from them we have to face them! Once again amazing!