Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Shower Invites and Decorations

Last March my sweet dear friend had her fifth baby. Oh... this baby is so stinking cute! A couple of us threw her a baby shower. The food was incredible (well... I didn't do much there), but I did the decorations! (Right up my alley).The invitations were cake pops. BTW - cake pops are the easiest things to make. (Tips: dip your stick in the chocolate prior to putting the cake on it. Use a styrofoam board to put the cake pops on after dipping them - I covered my board with saran wrap making it reusable. Keep the cake pops cold - not frozen.)
D.O.W.N. - Diapers.Onesies.Wipes.Nuks - haha - get it? With FIVE kids, who doesn't need some down time!

I used the iron-ons that you can print on. Purchased some onesies and ta-dah SUPER CUTE
I made a bunch of crepe paper balls. Seriously loved those! (They are crepe paper (ya know... to decorate for birthday parties) twisted into rosettes and hot glued onto a styrofoam ball.) I could not find brown crepe paper... DOES IT ACTUALLY EXIST? Instead I used fabric.All in all the party was a huge hit. My dear sweet friend received lots of laughter, good times, good food, good friends and a beautiful baby girl!


  1. I love your invite idea! I'll have to keep that in mind for the next party I throw!!

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