Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sewing Projects for Barn House Market

The guys at Barn House Marketplace are absolutely amazing. I desperately love everything they do.
I got a call from Joe the other day asking me to sew up a few things for his upcoming show. July 30... if you are local (Battle Ground, WA) - GO - you will not be sorry! I am in awe and never have enough money!

Here's Joe's order!
18 Kitchen Towels - He finds some cool most random fabric and has me sow them up into something totally adorable. I am sure you can find the same type of stuff at garage sales, Value Village, GoodWill or the Army (that was just for Cassidy!)2 Pillow Coverings - These were king size that he had me so into squares!
~ TIP ~ I NEVER pay full price for pillow forms. I go to Value Village, GoodWill, or the Army (ha Cassidy!) and find throw pillows with zippers. Purchase them for less than $3 and throw away the cover. Bring a good sniffer - make sure you can handle the smell of your pillow BEFORE you buy it! -- pass it on!

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