Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Star Wars Room

I have the sweetest nephew, Luke! He has is a oober cool SUPER MOM!! She decided to decorate his room in Star Wars. She did an awesome job with the paint, bedding, and decorations! She called me one day and asked if I had any Star Wars stuff in vinyl.... uhhh YEAH! So... we went a little nuts! (I think I am physically unable to do anything simple!)Of course you have to have the big STAR WARS! And the most famous saying EVER! (Well... besides "Luke... I am your father!" I have a picture frame for Luke for Christmas with him and his dad inside that says just that! LOL). Luke is a very special and dear child to my heart. I have watched him face the struggles in his life with such passion for life, the energy of a freight train and the love of angels. So, this quote has special meaning to me!
I ran into my sister-in-law at the grocery store and she told me that she had an extra Star Wars character and put in on his lamp shade. SUPER COOL IDEA! LOVE IT!!!A room is NEVER quite complete without a piggy bank! Little vinyl Star Wars images and characters border Luke's room. After Carissa put them up, Luke came to her and gave her a list of the ones he is now missing! Gotta love KIDS!

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  1. Awwww....I love it! I don't think a room is ever truly "finished". I still have some more ideas of some other touches. I still need to sew curtains with Star Wars material. I added your button to my blog (and I will become a member ina minute) and was wondering if you would add my button to your blog (I feel special that I figured out how to make one all by myself.) It is at www.carissa-adoptionmama.blogspot.com (I am also going to make a blog post and link to your blog) so maybe you will have some new traffic. Love ya and thanks for everything....NOW on to the girls room (hehehe).