Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chocolate! (need I say more?)

I saw this saying and absolutely fell in love with it. I know I have had those days when all goes wrong and chocolate is the one thing I can count on not to make me feel worse!
The story behind the craft: I was asked if I wanted to share a table at a craft fair with Melinda at Under My Umbrella. I had a few things to sale, but wanted something simple. This project came to mind. It is super simple and the older ladies ATE IT UP! They bought it for each other, daughters and co-workers. I really didn't think much of it... but hey!
This project is simple. I guess I don't do simple enough. It is a 2x6 (find it at Lowes or Home Depot - both will cut the board for you!), paint, paper, mod podge, vinyl (you can order that from me... $3 - send me an email!), and ribbon! Hey... maybe even a good idea for Christmas!

The more hilarious part... was that people were most interested in the styrofoam balls covered in twine...really people?

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