Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ashtyn Jade Photography

I endeavored on the most spectacular adventure yesterday with Ashtyn Jade Photography
This woman is absolutely incredible. Karen totally rocked it. She scouted and found the most perfect spots in my area to take the freakin' fan-tab-ulous captures of my soul. This was a celebration of me... and the adventure in weight loss this summer. I lost 25lbs, mostly running, and some good eatin'. This is only the "sneak peak". She is actually making me wait until they have been proofed. I am not a good waiting woman!

Then we went back to her place and took some incredible boudoir pictures. Nothing skanky... totally tasteful and absolutely fun! Sorry... those pictures aren't for the blog... hahaha... just the hubby.

So as a thank you... I made something using her tag line. I think it came out pretty incredible. Thank you Karen for your time, talents, laughter and an awesome experience!

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